MTG Playbox

Those who like to play Magic: The Gathering, maybe especially those who like to play EDH/Commander, will sooner or later end up in a situation where they accumulated a couple of decks and accessories. In other words: a plethora of stuff to carry around.

There are various products of the usual manufacturers for MTG or TCG in general. After researching for a couple of days I couldn’t find a solution that would on one hand be able to house all of my decks and also the accessories you usually need during a match, for example a playmat, dices and something to write down life points. Every available option either didn’t have enough space for the entirety of my Collection or wouldn’t have any space left for the accesories.

So I came to the conclusion that there was only one solution to my problem: Building something myselfe. For a couple of days I dug through the internet, looking for inspiration and also to decide whether I wanted to sew a pouch/bag or build a solid case. To ensure optimal protection for everything I decided to build a case that still should be relatively easy to carry. As I am not a big fan of planning each and every project to the tiniest detail I only made a very rough plan to determine how much and which materials i would need.

After a short tour to the hardware store and also a cloth-outlet i got what I required: A sheet of 6mm birch plywood a sheet of 6mm beach ply a piano hinge, a handle and some fasteners for the lid.

So with all of this and some materials I already had I began the build.

In general the case consists of a big box with three integrated drawers and an upper compartment that is lined with felt to store the deckboxes.

Glue up of the basic box
Testing whether the drawers fit

Deceiding whether I liked a brighter or darker varnish
The final box
Final box, fully loaded.

All in all I am very happy with the result, the build was pretty straight forward and I am glad that I also were able to stick to my goal of building the box entirely with mitered joints and without any screws or nails for the stability of the box. During the build I noticed that the fit of the drawers was a bit to loose which might have resulted in them falling out while transporting the box. To avoid that I added a small leather strap with a snap button on each side, which luckily also adds a nice visual detail.